Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dinner party success and some mobile uploads

Hello all. I am currently testing out the blogger application for iPhone. Let's see how it goes!

A little over a week ago my friend Rob let me host a fully vegan dinner party at his amazing high rise. I was completely stressed when I found out how many people were going to be there, which was around 50. Out of 50 people there were 3 vegans and 2 vegetarians.

I cooked about 6 different dishes and luckily my friend Deanna, who was hosting with me, brought a bunch of great food! I hoped and wished that would be enough, but luckily there were plenty of people bringing food as well! It was so great to see people participating even though they probably never shopped for anything vegan in their lives.

Now for the good news and the bad news.

THE GOOD NEWS: I have never received more compliments in my life. The way I was introduced to veganism was completely WRONG. I had a friend emailing me photos of slaughtered animals and trying to force information on me instead of taking a smoother, less hostile approach. And while my respect for all life is one of the reasons I chose veganism, it was just the wrong way to go about it. When I finally did go vegan (not because of that person) I told myself that I would never be THAT kind of vegan.

Most americans think all we eat is salad and I wanted to show people that that is false. I always want to introduce veganism to people in a positive way and thanks to Rob I was able to do that to many people at once. I met a lot of new people and heard more feedback than I ever have. I was even receiving feedback for Deanna's dishes which I passed on to her.

THE BAD NEWS: I have no pictures!!! I was so incredibly busy through the whole party that I forgot until half way through. By then there wasn't much left to get pictures of. I think Deanna may have some shots. I also wanted to get video footage and failed to do that as well. Buh!!!

In conclusion, it was a great time, people were happy and I only heard 1 person talking shit. I expected at least that, but coming to a vegan dinner party and talking shit on veganism seems a bit silly, don't you think? Thank you Rob for suggesting that we do this party. And for the invitation to do it again!

And now, some mobile uploads of food eaten while out and about. Beware, they are not high quality photos.

Dolmas from Paymon's:

Falafel from Paymon's:

Zucchini enciladas, dolmas and tofu stroganoff from Whole Foods:

And, 2 different trips for veggie sushi at Momo Sushi.

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Anonymous said...

that flower design that moves with the page makes it really difficult to read your text!

T. M said...

Looks fine on my screen. If you don't like it don't read her blog!

Mary said...

Sounds like an awesome dinner party. I agree--the best way to change people's minds is through their stomachs!

Michal said...

I love your new layout it is very nice, and i dont think it gets in the way at all! It sounds like you have been busy :) I think its great how you want to show that vegan dont eat only salads. Im on that same mission too.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Awesomeness! I am totally in agreement here. Kill 'em with kindness. And, woman, I luuuurve your hair!

VivaciousVegan said...

I cannot stand, in your face vegans/vegetarians who demand you to see it there way or else, it actually makes me furious. That said, I do have to confess I have been baited by meat eaters and I have gone for the throat. I am not proud of myself, but I will fight fire with fire. Your party sounded lovely, just forget that person, they are narrow minded and you are enlightened honey!

Trucking Factoring said...

I just learned how to make falafels this past weekend and I'm so excited. And, dolmas --- my fav!

Vegan Valerie said...

I never want to be the "pushy" vegan, either. No sir. I'm sorry you had to experience that. But it looks like you pulled through, and made the vegan choice anyway-- without their "help". :) And good job with your dinner party!

I love to meet other vegans--It is very nice to meet you, Leanne! Vegans are awesome people, even the pushy ones. :) We all mean well and try to do the best we can for ourselves and those we love.

Come visit me anytime, Leanne! I'll talk to you soon!

Vegan Valerie said...

I just realized that you're following my blog?! Thank you, Leanne! That means so much to me! We vegans should stick together! :D