Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sushi Part Deux

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Fried Tofu and and Semi-Spicy Tempeh roll

I am fully aware that I have blogged about sushi making before. I love it. When I ate fish I couldn't get enough of it. Now that I am vegan I am finding out new ways to make it. I know this sounds strange to hear a vegan say but I don't have many vegetables in the house right now (waiting for pay day) so I decided to fry strips of tofu in a batter and panko crumbs to use inside the sushi. I also added Tempeh that I crumbled, cooked and spiced up! Then... I did something horrible. I rolled the entire sushi roll in batter and panky and friend that too. Honestly, I need to kick this frying thing I go through once a week.

I must say... these were the best rolls I have made yet. I don't think me explaining rolling sushi to you would be helpful. It's best to watch someone do it. So, like my first sushi post I am going to send you on over to the PPK EPISODE (episode 1) that helped me make these. They made different rolls than I did but experimenting is the most fun part!

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Semi-Spicy Tempeh Roll


Sushi night at my house will be happening soon. Be prepared. It will be amazing. Lets get this planned!!!


kittee said...

holy yes. battered and fried sushi are on my "hope to experience before death" list. god they look goOOod, nicely played!


Joelle said...

You made me eat a sandwich because I didn't have the awesomness of these sushi rolls!!!

D*Rock said...

i hate sushi but i will eat anything that has been deep fried.

Gina said...

I just found your blog through your comment on Vegan Mouse's blog. I love it! Its so pretty, and your food looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

wow, those look totally unbelievably good! Although they maybe are the most unhealthy sushi rolls I have ever seen I must make them!

JennShaggy said...

Thanks! Your food looks so amazing. And I really dig your site design.

Come back to so cal and eat vegan twinkies!

PamelaCooks said...

Sushi AND fried= I am all up in it.

The tempeh, did you use the mayo/spicy chili oil? Because that is so delicious. I like to add sriracha. You can also do it with a partially cooked sweet potato. I like to cook it until it's slightly soft but you can still hear the knife cutting it. It's pretty firm but not raw, and then dice it small, and add the mayo, sriracha, and chili oil. Best if you let it chill for a bit.

Anonymous said...

These look awesome! I'll have to try this variation as well.

Sara said...

Your photos are beautiful!

The Vegan SlaughterHouse said...

damn girl, this looks absolutely beautiful! You roll like a champ! Glad you got to check out red rocks, I can't wait to see it myself!

much love from Detroit!