Friday, December 5, 2008

A Bundt Cake and a Few "Cheesy" Things...

Lemon Coconut Bundt Cake from VEGANOMICON
(I made a lemon icing for the cake... it was so amazing)
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If there was only 1 way to bond with Joelle, cooking would be it. Luckily we have more than that BUT we do like to cook together. The nonstop laughter, the threatening that comes from one of us when the other wont stop eating the damn cookie dough, the "let's just drink the coconut mixture, we don't need to add flour, we don't need to make the cake!" You name it, it's amazing.

I really wanted to make this cake so naturally I asked her to come make it with me. But I was going to make this with a loaf pan. (I had wanted a bundt pan, just hadn't gotten one yet.) So, she bought me a bundt pan and we were able to make this cake the way it is suppose to be made. not only the best tasting cake ever, but in a presentation that shows of it's wonderful...ness.

Thanks Joey.

"Cheesy" Fettuccine w/ Kale

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I liked this. It wasn't overpowering in flavor and it had KALE! (We all know how I loves my kale!)

1 package fettuccine
1 recipe Queso (without extra spices) from VeganExplosion
Chopped kale (about 2 handfuls worth)

Cook your fettuccine. While you wait for your noodles, cook your chopped kale in a pan with a few tbsp of water or vegetable broth. I usually use a tbsp of olive oil and let it coat the kale then I add 1 tbsp of water or broth. When kale is soft, turn off heat

Finally, make your "cheese" sauce. (queso)

Add all of your goodness together and there you have it. This recipe can be very versatile so feel free to add all kinds of whatnots to make it just how you like it.

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...instead of fettuccine you can cook 1 and 1/2 lbs of potatoes and have:

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Mihl said...

Cheezy kaletatoes! What a funny name for such a simple and great meal.
So nice of your friend to buy you a loaf pan! The cake looks fantastic.

Gina said...

So I thought the fettuccine looked great until I saw the kaletatoes! Everything looks awesome, what a delicious looking post!

Erin said...

Love the cheesy pasta and potatoes! Just found your blog through The PPK, I'll add a link on mine. Feel free to check mine out if you want -

Jenn said...

Wow, all three look amazing. Not I need a bundt pan. Kale is so awesome. CHEESY KALETATOES is some serious comfort food in a bowl!

Jenn said...

I wish I could edit comments...that's supposed to say "now" I need a bundt pan.

jd said...

Wow! That pasta looks fantastic...

...and those potatoes?!


Anonymous said...

The kale dish looks awesome. And I love any kind of lemon cake.

Ivan said...

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Hope you like it.

crystal said...

those potatoes looks amazing! i'm going to have to try them!

Utopian Kitchen said...

I love how the kale, potatoes, and cheese dish looks! That would have been right up my alley if I were eating cooked food, but I'm guessing one could do a raw one with jicama, kale, and a nut-based cheese.