Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Few things I've eaten in the past couple weeks:


On Valentines day Joelle came over and I made breakfast for us. I was complaining about how I wanted to go out for breakfast but I don't really have that option now do I? Most Las Vegas restaurants aren't vegan friendly. SO, I made Pancakes from Vegan Yum Yum (I added in a tbsp of wheat germ to the batter.) , my own breakfast tofu and Tempeh Bacon from one of my favorite cookbooks: Vegan with a Vengeance.


Then for lunch on Valentines day we made fried tofu/avocado/cucumber sushi! It wasn't the prettiest that I've made, cearly but they tasted so goooooood.


I love rice, I love sushi, I love nori. These were very plain but i liked them. Dipped them in a little soy sauce and I had a nice little snack. Notice my flower cucumbers.


This is what I had for breakfast today. Was SO good. Everything bagel with tomato slices, fresh garlic spinach I cooked for a very short time and red pepper hummus as the spread. My roommate is going to kill me hen he see's I've been eating his hummus after I complained that he wasn't buying the best brand.

Speaking of "The best brand", My favorite Tofu to buy is now:


If you haven't tried it, you should. I usually use this for when i need an EXTREMELY FIRM tofu. This is the most firm tofu that I can find. Tastes very good too. I don't usually like tofu straight but this one I could have right out of the package. I'm sure some of you won't agree with me but OH MAN!


allularpunk said...

your pancakes and sushi are beautiful! like the little cucumber flower :) and that bagel! i can't even tell you how long it's been since i had a bagel. that needs to be remedied.

Mihl said...

How elegant your nori looks! I love the pattern on those pancakes.

LeAnne said...

I use Circulon pots. They have that circular design. Best pots EVER!

Anonymous said...

Tempeh rules! Love the rice rolls! your flower cucumbers are too cute. Funny, I've been craving bagels! Now I will have to get some. Red pepper hummus also rules! I have not seen that particular brand of tofu - I'll have to look around. I like that it doesn't have water.

Mary said...

Totally! I love wildwood tofu. It's so smooth and firm, and I could definitely eat it straight out of the package.

I've never been a sushi gal (it's the seaweed--icky), but your pictures are so cute I might give it another try.

Also, pancakes are terrific. Great blog, keep it up.

KTBuns said...

OMG pancakes... I want! And that simple bagel sammich looks fan-fucking-tastic. I'm going to copy your idea, missy!!!!!!

Megan said...

mm that sushi looks AMAZING!!

i love wild wood tofu, isnt it great?!

Stella said...

Awesome breakfast!!! Now I am hungry for breakfast.