Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ok, so I kinda have this... Pizza addiction.

I can't stop. I swear it's a problem.

Before the oven: Sauce, mushroom, crumbled tofu w/ crushed
garlic, topped w/ Follow Your Heart Mozzarella soy cheese

I rubbed olive oil on the crust of the pizza and added Athen's
seasoning from Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe. SO GOOD!!

The crust puffed up nice and thick. The seasonings made the crust
absolutely perfect! I won't make a crust without it now!!!

Cut up and being devoured.

AND AS A BONUS!! A tasty Chocolate pb shake.


Anonymous said...

That pizza looks amazing!

Landry said...

The Pizza was very good & the crust was the best part! You know we could try and make a pizza cooker on our patio in the afternoon sun this summer. Maybe do an "Eco-Vegan Cooking" Series

Yay! :-) Nom Noms

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Gah! That pizza!!!

LeAnne said...

Thanks guys. I want more pizza now!

Anonymous said...

i want pizza in my belly noooow! that was a good idea Landrizzle had!!! you should look into that!!

theGoldenChild said...

Did you make the crust for this one?
My drool is short circuiting my keyboard!


LeAnne said...

lol, I wish I made the crust! I actually bought it from the pizzeria inside of the Whole Foods down the street from me for 2.99! It could have made a MUCH larger pizza but I don't have a big enough pizza pan.

Tracy Warner said...

omg I'm so hungry right now, I just want this herby, delicious pizza in my mouth.