Friday, June 19, 2009

No school= time to cook.

This school quarter is coming to an end. I have 1 more day of classes to take and then I don't have classes for 3 weeks. Oh, I am so excited! 3 weeks!!! No homework, I can work on revision of a short screenplay that I'll be producing later this year, I can watch movies and cook and relax. This past week has been pretty calm. I've been able to cook a few things:

Tortillas filled with tofu, kale, tomato and fresh garlic:
These were pretty tasty if I do say so myself. I honestly haven't had kale in months and when I first went vegan I lived off it!

Closer shot:
Strawberry BBQ Tempeh:
This is a recipe I'm working on. A strawberry bbq sauce. This was really good, but I'm not yet ready to reveal the recipe. I have time off of school so I'll be working on this. When I'm done I will surely post it!

Three Bean Salad:
-1 15 oz can White Beans
-1 15 oz can Kidney Beans
-1 15 oz can Pinto Beans
-1 rib of celery, minced
-2 tbsp onion, minced
-1-2 bulb fresh garlic, minced
-1/2 cup minced cilantro
-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
-1 tbsp agave nectar (any liquid sweetener should do, though.)
-1/2 tsp thyme

Drain and rinse your beans and place them into a bowl that has a lid. Mince all of your other ingredients that need to be and place them in the bowl. Add your vinegar, sweetener and thyme and mix well. make sure your ingredients are evenly spread out across all of the beans. Refrigerate overnight and allow flavors to blend.

And last, but most definitely not least, my favorite brand of store bought hummus. Sabra brand Red Pepper Hummus. I was use to buying this for 5 dollars a container. 5 DOLLARS!!! That's a lot when you buy it fairly often. BUT!!! I received a tip that another store has it for HALF of that price. They did, so now I don't feel as financially guilty when I buy this.

MmMmMm... look at that swirl of goodness... *sigh*


Mary said...

Sabra is definitely the best store-bought hummus. Strawberry bbq sauce sounds delicious, and strawberry season is coming right up! Please post the recipe! Also, nice bean salad photo!

Rose said...

The tortillas look delicious! although all of the things look great. I love beans too!
Its so exciting when holidays are approaching! as for me,im not so lucky, i am just about to do 5 wks full time uni placement during my holidays.


Oraphan said...

The tortillas with tofu & veggies look really yummy, and they are all my favorite ingredients. The strawberry BBQ tempeh also looks delicious, I can't wait for the recipe. Mmmmmm, bean salad and red pepper hummus,they're calling my name!!!!

Have a fantastic summer break!

Paulina said...

Yay for no school! Strawberry BBQ sauce sounds so different and interesting.

Anonymous said...

Those tortillas look awesome! In Germany kale is ONLY served with potatoes and sausages and is only eaten during winter. I'm gonna print your picture and tell people to eat more kale :)

Gina said...

First, I hope you come up with that strawberry sauce recipe soon because it looks awesome!!

Second, Sabra is the definitely the best hummus ever, YUM!

Sal said...

strawberry bbq sauce sounds amazing!!

curlytop said...


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Orangeluna said...

I don't know if it's the same in Vegas, but the Costco here in SLC sells a HUGE thing of that hummus for 6 dollars.

Anonymous said...

strawberry BBQ sauce sounds delicious!