Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, I was at work and Zach was talking about an amazing falafel he had. Here's how the rest of that conversation that conversation went:

ME: (calling back to him as I'm leaving the music department) Hmm.. I've never had a falafel.
ZACH: GET BACK HERE!! What did you just say?!
ME: (walking back over to him) I've never had a falafel?
ZACH: (angry silence) You're a vegetarian and you've never eaten a falafel?!?!

I explained to him that it's not that I WOULDN'T eat a falafel, I've just never had one. Then, this followed:

ME: Hmm.. I'll have to try that.
ZACH: You better!!!!!!!

(Right: Falafal mixture + water)

So, seeing as that conversation was one of many I've had with him that stuck out in my mind, I decided to have myself a falafel! SO!!! I went to the Whole Foods by my house and while I was there I picked up some falafel mix. When I got home I was really eager to make it.

-Falafel mix
-diced tomatoes
-chopped lettuce (I used red leaf lettuce)
-tahini mixture (this is optional and there should be a recipe for that on the box)
-your favorite kind of pita bread

The easiest part about store bought falafel mix is that all you have to do is add water! Any fool could do that! And since my mama didn't raise no fool... you get the point. I enjoy easy foods because I have little time to spend on cooking. I also was kinda iffy about having to fry them. I haven't had hardly any fried food in about 5 months so I was afraid it would hit my stomach wrong. BUT!, everything turned out ok!

I chopped up some tomatoes, lettuce and mixed together a Tahini sauce. I'm not big on tahini but it actually goes well with the falafel! I assembled them onto a whole wheat pita and BOOM! MY FIRST FALAFEL EVER!!!!!(eating and making one.) And, it tasted pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

I probably won't have these very often because they are fried. These will be more like a reward dinner or something.

The up close view:


Joelle said...

It's like... It's like... It's like a beautiful flower! Like a delicious, beautiful, colorful, meat-free, amazing flower... A flower that you eat! MUST eat! WILL eat!

Make me one!

Anonymous said...

can i have a falafal with hot sauce, a side order of babaganush, and a seltzer please, hold the toothpick!

ohhhh you've never seen Party we're going to have to get that for you asap!

Heba said...

I know this is a little overdue, but I was just looking at some of your older posts.

You can bake falafel too, spread it out in an oiled glass or ceramic dish about 1/2-3/4 inch thick, brush the top with oil and bake at 375 till browned. Also you can pan fry the patties with just like 2 tablespoons oil. Of course the deep fried tastes best, but the baked and pan fried are great too.