Wednesday, September 10, 2008


When I made my transition to veganism I knew it was going to be a challenge to give up cheese. Cheese is naturally addictive because of what is used to make it and I knew I was in for it. It took 2 months for me to actually see or smell it and not want to eat it. There are some people that NEVER get over that. I got lucky I guess, but there are still some times where I want something that is close to a cheesy flavor. I was going through online vegan cooking websites that I have saved as bookmarks and found something that I forgot about. VEGAN EXPLOSION.

I remembered seeing that they had a recipe for QUESO. From what the site claimed, it was extremely close to a cheesy flavor. I've had "cheesy" things before and let me tell you... some didn't taste too great. Well... this recipe really impressed me!

It is not my recipe and I don't want to try to pass it off as my own recipe. It came from HERE if you are interested in how it is made. I am also new to using Nutritional Yeast, and so far so good!

I was really happy with it. I have actually wanted something like this for my Tacos I love to make so much. This will make a nice addition to them!


Kamaile said...

I agree, this is so good, I made some and ate almost half in one sitting!

Anonymous said...

i want this now.

sweetpotato said...

I want this too! Mmmm.

Joelle said...

..sigh...I wanna plunge my face in it. is that so disturbing? I guess it is. But it's the truth gosh darn it! It's the truth!