Sunday, September 14, 2008

NACHOS!!!!!!! *girly squeal*

Who doesn't like nachos?!?!? I freaking LOVE them!!! These are especially special. They contain my new favorite food... Queso from Vegan Explosion. Even my very not vegan roommate ate these happily. (Thanks Neener!) I think I ate WAY too much of this, but I couldn't help myself. They are so good.

What you'll need:
-1 can of vegetarian refried beans (lard-less por favor!)
-1 recipe of Queso
-chopped tomatoes
-guacamole (I store bought mine this time)
-2 tbsp vegan margarine
-small amount of chopped onion (optional if you don't like onion)
-plain tortilla rounds (don't get flavored and rob this recipe of its greatness!)
-litte bit of salt and pepper

FIRST: PREPARE YOUR QUESO!!! Make sure you follow directions carefully. After you remove the queso from the heat and are done with it, set it aside.

THEN: Place your beans into a medium sauce put and cook them in medium heat with 2 tbsp of vegan margarine. Stir occasionally, lower heat after mixed well and very soft.

NOW: Chop up your tomato and mix a small amount of onion and salt and pepper with it. Only a little salt IF ANY, there will be plenty of flavor coming from the Queso!


What I like to do is take each chip and layer each chip with beans, then tomato, then guacamole, then pour a little Queso over the top of each little mound. That way they are easier to eat and they also present better. No wasted goodness on the bottom of your plate!


Anonymous said...

everytime i see nachos i think of The Doom Generation. im glad to know even Vegan-chos make this happen!

Joelle said...

AAA! I don't think I can wait to make these with you... I gotta... I gotta make them NOOOWWW! ::runs out the door::

::Screaming while running out:: "Sorry, LeAnne! I still love you! But the nachos, they call to meee!"

LeAnne said...

hahaha, you guys are ridiculous.

Destiny's Vegan Kitchen said...

Each chip is like a galaxy of nacho-ness! I usually end up with sporadically topped chips, with plain, broken ones on the bottom. :o)

PamelaCooks said...

I love those nachos. Especially with the guac.