Friday, May 1, 2009

Never have a plain Boca Burger without dressing it up!

Plain? I don't like that word.

My roommate is making a change to eat less meaty and dairy filled foods. During a trip to Costco he decided on a VERY LARGE box of Boca Burgers. Boca is completely fine, good for protein and easy to prepare. BUT... I don't dare eat a plain Boca without making it 100% Nom-a-licious.

SO! For lunch the other day I decided to have a Boca:


I pan cooked my Boca. I also added 2 slices of seasoned Tempeh that was pan fried in a little olive oil and salt. And yes, I shook a little Athen's seasoning on. It just felt necessary. I assembled it up nice on a potato bun w/ Vegenaise, sliced tomato and romaine lettuce.


By adding more to your burger, you increase your nutritional intake and it also helps hold you over longer. I wasn't hungry for a good while after having this. Plus, tempeh is one of the most amazing foods. If you haven't introduced yourself to it, it is time that you do.


Mary said...

That tempeh looks scrumptious! Lovely seasoning.

Mikeela said...

I love Boca Burgers and all of its products. Why not try the spicy chik'n or the Boca crumblers? Boca is not only healthy, but tasty as well!! I just wish they sold this product not only at the super markets, but at fast food resturants. It would be great to have a boca burger to go.

TheModernBunny said...

I had a Boca burger just now! that's why I googled the brand name, looking for info. I had mine with mustard, ketchup, white onion, and red bell pepper. That last ingredient really adds a fresh, unique flavor.